Highland Capital Management Helps the Community

People helping others is just the most important thing that happens on planet Earth, no matter what form it takes or where it happens. An excellent example of this truth is the George W. Bush Presidential Center and Institution (of the same name) receiving generous support and continued assistance for its endeavors from Highland Capital Management and other businesses.

Perhaps, the best part about the funding and support raised toward this institution is where the help goes to and how it changes the local community. The details are simple, sweet and easy to explain. However, the end results and fruits the yielded are definitely significant. As for its contributions, Highland Capital Management is gifting the center with 10 million dollars to continue the work done through the program Engage at Bush Center.

But, it’s not alone in this endeavor, as the Boeing Corp also gives a sizable amount of money. It’s actually the same amount of money resulting in 10 million dollars. However, the purpose for the Boeing Corp donation is to assist post 9/11 veterans. This is through the Military Service Initiative offered at the center. Jim Dondero and Highland Capital Management have been with the George W. Bush Presidential Center since its beginning and is a founding benefactor.

Dondero is very vocal and clear about his excitement and support of the programs and initiatives that the center offers and continues to pledge his eternal loyalty to this establishment. It’s just very good for the local community and there are more than just programs and initiatives for veterans that go on in the learning half of the campus. For example, there are Q and A’s with the son of late supreme justice Scalia and think tanks over constitutional law. It’s all about supporting veterans, especially combat veterans, and the families that love them and rely on their support.

It is this precise reason why Boeing is continually putting funds into the George W. Bush Presidential Center to help veterans readjust to a life outside of the combat field. They are also committed to hiring highly trained professionals who understand the detail-oriented demands of the Aerospace industry. This is why Boeing is deeply entrenched in the George W. Bush Presidential Center and Institute. So, Boeing puts their money where their mouth is, with 15 million dollars in grants for programs that focus on everything from mathematics to technology and the aerospace industry. But, the help does not stop there as these funds also go towards civic institutions and the improvement of communities in general.

The Career Achievements Of James Dondero (UPDATED for 2017)

UPDATE June 26, 2017

James Dondero, through his investment firm – Highland Capital Management, made a huge donation to aid in bringing hippos back to the Dallas Zoo. The donation was used to construct the 5000 square foot “Highland Capital Lodge” area in the outpost that has unique displays and an awesome view of the hippos and their stunning habitat.

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UPDATE May 2, 2017

A riveting article about James Dondero written on barrons.com just surfaced. This in depth article is a great way to get to know the man behind Highland Capital Management. For more information check out the link below.


UPDATE January 16, 2017

James Dondero just launched a new website listing all of his contributions to the local Dallas community. This includes his recent appointment to the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business Board.

“The Cox School at SMU contributes to the vibrant business community here in Dallas of which Highland is among the many beneficiaries,” said Dondero. “I am honored to assist with the numerous growth and excellence initiatives currently underway.”

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UPDATE November 29, 2016

Check out James Dondero Ringing the New York Stock Exchange Closing Bell via the video below!

UPDATE October 20, 2016

James Dondero is known as the president and co-founder of the Highland Capital management. In recent news, he awarded a $1 million grant in order to help The Family Place, which is an organization out of Dallas that leads the way in supporting victims of family violence. Not only is this grant significant on its own, the grant also matches 50% of any funds that are raised for the campaign up to $1 million. Thanks to this announcement, more than $200,000 has been raised for The Family Place and there continues to be donations every single day. The fundraising goal for The Family Place is $16.5 million but it seems to be on its way of reaching that number in no time.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/james-dondero-announces-1-million-challenge-grant-from-highland-capital-management-to-finish-the-family-places-165-million-capital-campaign-300341376.html

UPDATE October 6, 2016

Highland Capital Management and James Dondero have put up a $1 million grant to contribute to  The Family Place finishing their new facility. James went on to say that Highland Capital will pitch in 50 cents for every dollar given to the charity through April 4.

UPDATE: September 30, 2016

James Dondero invested even further in NexPoint Residential Trust. He purchased 7,600 shares of the stock and is confident in it’s future. NexPoint Residential Trust is a publicly traded, Real Estate Investment Trust, focused on the acquisition, asset management, and disposition of multifamily assets.

Source: http://www.com-unik.info/2016/09/27/nexpoint-residential-trust-inc-nxrt-coverage-initiated-at-compass-point.html

UPDATE: September 14, 2016

The Dallas Foundation recently partnered with James Dondero and Highland Capital Management to manage their over 3 million dollars annual philanthropic budget. The Dallas Foundation has a long history of charitable success in the nonprofit community. Mary Jalonick, CEO of The Dallas Foundation and James Dondero began to lay out plans for charitable giving that would be bold, effective and inspirational. Before long the Highland Dallas Foundation was formed as a support organization for The Dallas Foundation.

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UPDATE: August 25, 2016

James Dondero has recently teamed up with Linda Owen to supply philanthropic needs to the general Dallas Area.Highland contributes more than $3 million annually to charitable organizations through The Dallas Foundation. For more on this click the link below.


The success of any corporation is dependent on the stewardship abilities of the top management team. James Dondero is a successful businessman who is revered for registering impressive results in all the companies that have enlisted his services. James is regarded as the co-founder of the world-renowned firm, Highland Capital Management. He is the current president of the organization.

The Dallas based entrepreneur has amassed over 30 years experience in the equity and credit markets. He has zeroed in on distressed and high-yielding investments. Besides Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has played a pivotal role in founding NexPoint Advisors. At the firm, Dondero is the president. NexBank has also recognized his abilities and for this reason, James has been made the chairman of the institution. It should be noted that Dondero is the majority shareholder of NexBank. NexPoint Real Estate Advisors is the adviser of the companies affiliated with it. These affiliated companies are Highland Capital Management, NexBank and NexPoint Advisors.

In 1993, together with Mark Okada, James founded Highland Capital Management. As of March 31, 2015, Highland Capital Management had an asset base of $21 billion. Dondero’s portfolio management expertise incorporates investment grade corporate, emerging markets, derivative markets, mortgage-backed securities as well as common stocks and preferred stocks. Funds affiliated to James have received recognition from reputable quotas such as the Morning star and Lipper award.

Some of the award-winning products offering made by James are collateralized loan obligations, mutual funds, real estate investment trusts (REITs) as well as electronic transfer funds (ETFs), institutional separate accounts, private equity funds and hedge funds. James’s career started at the humble Morgan Guaranty training program where he worked as an analyst in mid 1984. A year later, American Express recruited him. At the firm, Dondero undertook his mandate as a corporate bond analyst. At the American Express Corporation, James rendered his services for around five years. At the corporation, Dondero managed a portfolio (fixed income funds) worth around $1 billion.

From American Express, Dondero went to Protective Life, a subsidiary of GIC. While serving as the chief investment officer of the firm, Dondero started the firm from its humble beginnings to a corporation worth over $2 billion in a period of 5 years. The certified management accountant has displayed impeccable prudence in the management of huge funds. James is a proud alumnus of the University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce. Records show that he graduated with the highest honors in Accounting and Finance.

Recently, Dondero appointed Terry Jones to become the president in charge of institutional products at Highland Capital Management. Jones has massive experience in financial matters that spans 25 years. James asserted that Terry’s leadership would augment the corporation’s risk adjusted performance besides devising client-oriented solutions. James is the chairman of the board of three corporations, which are CCS Medical, NexBank and Cornerstone healthcare.

A leading Dallas area plastic surgeon

Dallas Surgeon Dr. Rohrich Brings His Talents to Bear on Behalf of Patients

A leading Dallas area plastic surgeon

In a society where sports heroes are worshipped as gods and all manner of trash is exalted to the highest pedestals of cultural veneration, it is sometimes worth remembering those who actually make a material difference in the day-to-day lives of the country’s citizens.

One such figure is Dr. Rod Rohrich, head of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s plastic surgery department. Contrary to the popular notions some may hold of plastic surgery as being nothing more than a way for aging beauties to artificially extend their natural attributes for a few more years of shelf life, modern plastic surgery forms a crucial part of any medical center’s surgical department.

While many plastic surgeons today do attend to patients whose only concern is staving off the inevitable effects of aging on their once-youthful facades, many more are focused on restoring to a functional state those patients who have either fallen victims to grievous injury or who have been subjected to the brutal medical treatments of modern cancer therapies and have lost body parts or the associated functions thereof.

Dr. Rohrich has done much to advance the science and practice of this latter form of plastic surgery. Being one of the field’s top recognized experts in facial fracture reconstructions, rhinoplasty and bone reconstruction, Dr. Rohrich, a longtime member of the Rhinoplasty Society, has touched the lives of thousands of patients who would have certainly been otherwise fated to live an only partially fulfilling life. Dr. Rohrich has restored the confidence of many women who have endured the unfortunate consequences of double masectomies, a procedure whose brutality men can only begin to understand. Without Dr. Rohrich’s innovate and highly effective breast reconstruction surgeries, these women would have been forced to go through life with a psychological handicap perhaps worse than the physical one. Dr. Rohrich has helped these women become whole again.

His professional achievements, accolades and leadership positions are no less impressive. Dr. Rohrich has been interviewed by Dr. Oz, authored over 300 peer-reviewed papers, making him perhaps the most widely published and cited scientific author in the field of modern plastic surgery. He has also given presentations at more than 900 plastic surgery, medical and scientific conferences and has chaired 100 more.

He is currently the head of plastic surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, a position he’s held since 1991. He holds a medical degree from Baylor University and has taught surgery at the Harvard Medical School.

Follow him on Twitter at @DrRodRohrich to keep up with his latest innovations in the field.

An Overview of Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

The investment firm Highland Capital Management has established itself as one of the top investment firms in the world. It provides a wide range of financial services that help numerous investors more efficiently manage their capital. Highland Capital Management specializes in providing a wide range of credit management services to its clients. As well as offering the management of credit securities, Highland Capital also provides other financial products such as hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations and private equity securities. As a result, the firm is one of the most comprehensive investment firms around. Along with being a very successful investment firm, it has been able to establish a worldwide presence. It currently has a number of office locations in New York City, Seoul South Korea, Singapore and Sao Paulo Brazil.

When the firm first came into existence back in 1990, it was primarily a life insurance company. It would provide a number of life insurance products to a number of clients. While being a life insurance company, it was able to meet the needs of many clients and emerge as one of the most trusted in the industry. As a result, the firm was able to attract a wider client base. With a number of new clients working with the firm, it decided to expand its services to other types of financial management tasks. The firm would expand to provide other forms of assistance such as providing hedge funds, investment advisory, wealth management and asset management for institutional investors. Longtime finance professionals James Dondero and Mark Okada founded this life insurance company.

By the firm’s fourth year of existence in 1993, it began to establish itself as one of the most comprehensive financial services companies in the world. It would continue to offer a wide range of financial services to its many clients. In 1997, this firm would become known as Highland Capital Management and begin providing collateralized loan obligations. With this new product line, it became the first institution to offer collateralized loan obligations other than commercial banks. Highland Capital would also complete its expansion to other parts of the world during this time as well.

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USHEALTH, Mission, Vision and About Secure Dental Plans

It is possible to provide high-quality healthcare at a low cost to the poor. The belief is what keeps USHEALTH going. The health sector is broken, the poor people need to access good healthcare too. The principle of USHEALTH care is ‘We believe in providing high-quality healthcare to the poor at a low cost.”

USHEALTH group is determined to make a model of durable healthcare in areas where other people thought it was not possible. With licensed health and life insurance companies, USHEALTH offers coverage to policyholders for sickness and accidents. They also cover short-term accident disability, critical illness, life and dental coverage among others.

USHEALTH mission is ‘To protect our customers from financial hardships due to unforeseen illness or injury.’ Simply the group provides peace of mind to those who suffer due to the occurrence of these predicaments. They keep the promise accorded by the insurance cover the customer signed.

The vision of USHEALTH is to build premier health insurance organization in America. The group is working towards being the company of choice to all its stakeholders. This vision will be achieved through a commitment to offer excellent services and exceptional value to the customers.

Secure dental plans

USHEALTH acknowledges that everyone deserves a healthy smile. They, therefore, provide three dental offer plans.

• Plan 1. Premium plan, under this plan, the individual contributes $50 while the family contributes $150 per insured. The plan covers basic, preventive and major care to the issued. Additionally, there are orthodontic deductibles which are; $1500 orthodontic calendar year, $1000 benefit per insured lifetime maximum
• Plan 2. The savers plus plan. Under this plan, the deductibles are $50 per individual, $150 for family covers for preventive, basic and major care. Orthodontic care services are discounted to $1000 maximum per insured every calendar year,
• Plan 3. Savers plan. This plan is characterized with deductibles of $50 per individual and $150 per family cover that caters for basic, preventive and major care. The orthodontic care services under this plan are discounted at participating providers at maximum $500 per insured ever calendar year.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) calls for individuals to uphold a minimum essential coverage. The mandate was made in 2014 and beyond. Failure to honor this order, one is subjected to the payment of annual shared responsibility payment. The amount is calculated from individual’s household earnings each year. The secure dental plan offers benefits for dental services only. Workers compensation under state law is an essential health benefit. However, it is not considered minimum essential coverage under ACA. An insured under secured dental plan is subjected to ACA’s shared responsibility payment unless they have an exemption from ACA.

It is important to note that secure dental is not available in all states, customers should, therefore, enquirer first from the licensed agents for more information.

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Dallas to Start Providing Work to the City’s Homeless

According to the Dallas Observer, the city is looking to respond to panhandling the same way that Albuquerque, New Mexico has addressed the issue for over a year now. The simple solution is to offer work to those ready to accept it. There are no ID requirements for work or any other conditions, beyond the willingness to work. The process is quite simple; a city van drives around town and offers work to the homeless and panhandlers. They can accept or decline the offer. At the end of the work day, usually five or six hours, the men and women are paid in cash. The recommended amount right currently is a little over $10 per hour.

I am sure there are reasons to critique this system but I’ll leave that to others. In my opinion, there is nothing more uplifting to a man than to put in an honest day’s work and get rewarded for it with some good old hard cash. Work provides dignity. Work provides character building. Work is paid education. When people work they learn discipline, customer service and good business practices. They learn about honesty, time management and communication. Earning an income provides the opportunity for building financial life skills such as budgeting and saving.

Another aspect of this program that I think is very well thought out is that the option is left up to those being asked. No one is forcing this program onto them. I believe that by giving the choice to work or not work, the men and women who are really looking for a life change will accept the work. The more often they work, the more likely it is that they will get past whatever life event put them on the streets. If the reports are correct, more than 100 of those who accepted the work in New Mexico over the last year have gone on to find permanent employment elsewhere. That’s 100 lives that are potentially changed forever because they were given a hand-up and not a hand-out.

James Dondero is appointed as an Executive Board Member of Southern Methodist University

James Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management- an SEC-registered investment advisor. With over 30 years of investing in equity and credit markets, James Dondero has helped spearhead the use of Collateralized Loan Obligation [CLO]. James studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. He eventually went to work at GIC’S protective life subsidiary as the chief investment officer, growing the company to over $2 billion between 1989 and 1993. James is a chartered financial analyst as well as a certified management accountant.

Dondero is also a board member of several companies, including MGM Studios, American Banknote Corporation, NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical.

His appointment as executive board member of Southern Methodist University Cox

On Nov.2, 2016, James Dondero got appointed as an executive board member of Southern Methodist University School of Business. With his new board position, Highland Capital will expand its already strong position to the University including the funding of Highland Capital Management students, a program that encourages and recognizes professional and academic pursuits in the public policy, as well as the ongoing support of George W. Bush’s museum and presidential library.

In his speech, Dondero voiced out the contribution of Cox School to the dynamic business community in Dallas. Highland is one of the many beneficiaries of the school.

The executive board at SMU Cox consists of around 100 appointed members. Most of these members are non-academics, who only advise on the strategy that the business school should take. The board meets tri-annually- winter, spring and in the fall.

For more information on the press release, visit: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/james-dondero-joins-southern-methodist-university-cox-school-of-business-board-300355998.html

Generosity of James Dondero

Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, L.P., James Dondero, has recently announced that he and his firm will be awarding a $1 million challenge grant to The Family Place. He made this gracious announcement at The Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon. The Family Place is one of Dallas’ leading organizations that support the victims of family violence. This donation raises the final $2.8 million for its current campaign for the six months.

The grant with be administered via Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. They are one of the largest philanthropic arms of Highland Capital Management. The grant will match 50% of any and all funds raised for the campaign up to $1 million. The capital campaign will continue until April 4, 2017. Since James made the announcement, an additional $200,000 has been raised by The Family Place. They Legacy Campaign will be receiving an additional $100,000 as pre-agreed upon thanks to the Highland Capital Management grant. This prestigious campaign needs to raise $2.8 million to reach the fundraising goal of $16.5 million. James and Highland’s grant money was a personal way to ensure that The Family Place finishes their campaign strong and successful.

James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management and is the current president. With the help of his brilliant team, the company offers an immense variety of award-winning products and solutions for institutional and retail investors. Thanks to James’ 30-plus years in the credit and equity markets, his company has soared to the top of the industry. It is estimated that Highland Capital Management has about $19 billion in assets under their management. Some of their more notable affiliates would be companies like Acis Capital Management, NexPoint Advisors, NewPoint Capital, and NexPoint Residential Trust.

Dondero is also Chairman of several different companies. He’s also on the board of several of those same companies. James is a very well diversified individual. He’s even a member of Amercian Banknote and MGM Studios. As hardworking as he is, he’s also quite the philanthropist. He supports numerous charities of all types.

This article recapped http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/james-dondero-announces-1-million-challenge-grant-from-highland-capital-management-to-finish-the-family-places-165-million-capital-campaign-300341376.html

Dallas Budget and Bond Issuance at a Crossroads

Plans for a new bond vote in Dallas is setting off many different partisan groups concerned with how the 2017 bond issuance will be spent.

Poor funding for police pension plans in Dallas is setting off concerns regarding the plans as well as financial prudence and taxes among both government officials and citizens.

The current estimates for the shortfalls vary widely, but it is believed that the current shortfall for the pension funding for the Police and Fire departments in Dallas Texas is between three and seven billion dollars; a staggering sum.

The Pension board of the city is looking for the city of Dallas to contribute millions of dollars to make up for the shortfall of funds. A quote by A.C. Gonzalez, a Dallas City Manager, indicated that the options are limited to the City borrowing money to contribute, using money from the city’s general fund, or putting into place a tax hike to cover the gap in financing. Few appear to support his suggestions and instead delays in votes for bond issuance have been put in place.

Much of the concerns surround what the city believed to be needed critical repairs, such as those of potholes in the city which require over $100 million to repair, in addition to another $400 million for street improvements. In addition, Dallas has approximately $3.6 billion in planned repairs and maintenance to the city. Some city councilors are trying to make the latest bond issuance about just streets and roads whose transportation will help to clear up many issuance and allow for growth in a city that has been hampered by poor transportation.

Other projects that the city may support are new libraries and parks that residents have been requesting, though many are doubtful that these will be approved given the more pressing concerns. In addition, many citizens are concerned that the debt burden for the city of Dallas has grown too high and they future citizens will suffer for the financial problems that the city is currently dealing with, though advocates for the spending are predicting growth developing from the spending.

Slim Chicken Franchise Spreading Across Texas

The Dallas area is in for a special treat as one of the best chicken sandwich food chains is opening up more locations. Many citizens of Dallas have been complaining that there is only one Slim Chickens open. That location is in Fort Worth.

The Arkansas-based food chain has been well known for its fresh chicken products. People of all ages love them. Some travel from out-of-state to try the chicken.

This year, the food chain is making up for all the time without more Slim Chickens open by rolling out nearly a dozen more locations in Texas in the near future. There will be at least six open this year and two more early next year. Now customers won’t have to drive nearly as far to get some of that good chicken.

The planned growth is about to pass many other regions around the United States. Slim Chickens is famous for its chicken tenders, chicken sandwich, salads, and the very popular chicken and waffles. Chicken and waffles has seemed to grab lots of attention around the United States. Many states have several chains that serve the famous chicken and waffles dish. Americans love the combination.

The environment that the Slim Chickens are running on is a southern feeling, soothing blues feel, and fresh chicken and sauce to keep the customers happy and wanting more. It is hard to find fresh chicken like the ones Slim Chicken provides.

All ingredients are fresh and made to order. Customers can choose from healthier salads, fried chicken, or grilled chicken. The lettuce used on the sandwich is fresh and of great quality. The buns are new and not moldy or hard. Chewy, warm bread makes the best combination with warm chicken.

The franchise should continue to grow year after year opening up more locations in Texas and possibly more around other parts of the United States. The southern states would love this establishment. As of right now cities such as Plano, Frisco, Irving, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Hurst are all places that are guaranteed to host a Slim Chicken. Other surrounding cities should see an establishment open up soon.

Source: Slim Chicken in Dallas