Texas A&M Students Get Chance to Design New Mavericks Stadium

Bryan Trueby, the official designer of the new Mavericks stadium, who has also worked on the Dallas Cowboy’s AT&T Stadium, among other projects is giving a select group of Texas A&M students a rare opportunity. These students are getting the chance to propose and submit a new design for the new Mavericks stadium. While it is unlikely that any of these students will have their actual designs realized, giving them a chance to submit and propose a design for a real project is an opportunity that most of these students will not have until they graduate.

The students are part of an architecture class at Texas A&M university, that Bryan Trueby is helping go over some of the proposed ideas for the new stadium. These students also have the opportunity to work in groups and have their proposals examined by the architecture firm working on the project. The feedback the students get will give them a better understanding of what kinds of ideas that real life architecture firms look for. After the project is over the students will have a much better idea of what is like to work in the real world and compete with other architects on project proposals.

This real world practical application is one of the things that set Texas A&M’s architecture program apart from other programs. Hands on, real world based learning helps students get ahead in life and a leg up over their peers. Many students come out of college programs with plenty of knowledge about the history and theory behind the field they are planning on going into, but have little experience or practical knowledge of how the field they want to work in actually works. This kind of education that provides students with the practical knowledge they need along with the theory and history that gives them the knowledge to succeed in the field is how students get ahead in a competitive field.

Being able to work with real architects on such a prestigious project, such as the office and practice complex that is being devolved for the Mavericks, is a once in a life time opportunity and something that these young students will remember fondly for years to come. It is also a great way for them to get excited about their future careers and look forward to what opportunities their degree program offers for them.

J.L. Turner Sr., Early African-American Texas Attorney

He began to practice law in a still lawless place where he could look out his office window and see one of his fellow African-Americans twisting in the wind, another victim of a mob lynching. J.L. Turner Sr. was the kind of resilient man of color who became a model of overcoming and a memorable stand for justice. He was also one of the very first black attorneys in the state of Texas, over 100 years ago.

In his day, Turner was not considered a civil rights activist. He was at times involved in cases that are now considered early tests of changes in America to support basic human rights for all citizens. It was a time to be especially careful not to stir the racist caldron of hate, the days of Jim Crow, the days that J.L. Turner Sr. overcame and proved his worth as a man, regardless of the danger of his position. He became a most-successful attorney.

Still, there were days that as we look back now were clearly early attempts by Turner to reach towards civil rights. Two black kids were being railroaded in Dallas for a false fire alarm that resulted in two firetrucks colliding and killing the Fire Captain and injury to a few firefighters. They were both about eight years old, both children of successful African Americans; one’s father was a prominent pharmacist and the other dad was a highly respected dentist. The pharmacist, Phillip Sunday Sr., would one day become a key civic leader.

Turner became famous in the Dallas African-American community when he was able to obtain justice for the two children in the midst of an all-white justice system, keeping them from being completely railroaded into convictions. He established on the official record that the two children had confessed to the crime only after being cruelly whipped and threatened with pistols! Turner pressed hard for the court to hear all the details. Once it was clear that the alarm box had been accidentally pressed, the children were completely exonerated by the judge.

For most of his career J.L. Turner Sr. worked diligently on non-criminal law cases. It was not until the days of civil rights marches that many of his subtle actions through the years had set legal and social precedence that supported the African-American marches for civil rights. See today’s J. L. Turner’s Legal Association.

Much of the information about J.L. Turner came from this Dallas Observer Article.

Dallas Zoo ReOpens Monorail

The Dallas Zoo is a place where families and children can go to get a close up view of wildlife. Although for about two years sections of the zoo have not been available for public viewing. That is because the animals in those exhibits could only be seen from the monorail that runs through those areas. That monorail has been out of commission for about two years and so the animals there have been unseen.

After two years of work and about 3 million dollars, the monorail opened back up and is working better than ever. Excited zoo goers were willing to wait in a long line to get a chance to ride the re-vamped train that runs through lush areas of the zoo. The ability to see the animals that live in these unwalkable regions of the zoo were also another reason why lines did not matter to many.

The monorail has taken on a whole new look and has some amenities that will make it quite popular in the hot summer months. One such amenity is air conditioning. It is felt that this will make the monorail a big hit during the summer. The tickets to use the monorail are $5 and this will also help to make money to maintain the rail and provide other repairs for the zoo overall.

The people who were at the zoo today when the rails opened up gave a resounding round of applause when the first ride started. As the train entered the station after the ride another round of applause was offered.

Zoo officials did state that the turnout for the monorail was more than they had hoped for and expected. They hope that visitors will continue to strive to ride the rails and see the animals that live along the ride tracks. This opening day saw many new visitors and enough traffic that the overflow parking lot had to be opened shortly after the zoo opened.

Some were concerned about the functionality of the ride for electrical issues had caused the need for rescues from the train a year back. The zoo assures that there is an all new electrical system for the ride and that it is safe.

Fun New Foods At Rangers Games

With spring here, we’re all excited to travel around Dallas, Texas, and seeing the Rangers is usually a good reason to take time off on the weekend. The excitement of being in the stands to watch baseball is usually enough to get most fans pumped about visiting the stadium. However, concessions staff will be cooking up something new this season to help draw people to the big games. Everyone who goes to see a game is always talking about the new foods that are offered during Rangers games. Fans have seen two foot long hot dogs and two foot long fried brownies in the past. This year’s new concessions might put the Rangers games at the top of the list of fun things to do in the summer.

Guide Live recently put out an article about the new eats at Rangers games. This article goes in deep about what types of new and fun foods fans of the Rangers can be excited to see this year. The year, the big new food item at the concessions stands is called a Wicked Pig. It is everything that pork lovers have wanted for so long. The Wicked Pig contains several different types of pork products. It has ham, and it has bacon. It is loaded with the sauces that pork lover like, and it has an extra bun in the middle to make it all worth the while.

The general manager spoke about the new types of healthy alternatives that the stadium will offer in the Guide Live article. The GM told the reporter that there will be black bean burgers, vegan nachos and other exciting options for health food loving Rangers fans. This is a great idea because vegans and vegetarians are always looking for things that meat their dietary restrictions, so it is good to see that the Rangers are keeping up with the new trend in healthy living. They are even offering a salad called Shake It Up. The fans that choose this salad get to eat it on the go!