Music Legend Prince, 57, Found Dead

The world mourned the loss of another legend April 22, 2016, after pop superstar Prince was found dead in an elevator as his Minneapolis Paisley Park music complex. Allegations of a Percecet addiction are flaring around Tinseltown and media outlets are reporting the singer was rushed to the ER just days prior for an overdose of the narcotic pain reliever.

The world wants to know what happened to their beloved Prince, who for more than 40 years’, provided us with some of the most unforgettable music we’ll ever listen to, wrote songs for some of the best singers of today, and entertained us like no other decked out in purple could do.

Along with many other cities across the world, Dallas paid honor to the purple one by lighting the Omni Hotel in purple. Radio stations played Purple Rain, Little Red Corvette, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World and the rest of the hits. Nightclubs and bars went back to the 80s. News stations shared their memories. And for a moment in time, the world all felt the impact left with the news that Prince was gone.

Prince was phenomenal, not only as a musician and an artist, but as a person. Although sometimes a far-fetched version of ordinary, Prince made his way into the minds and hearts of so many people. Race, age, origin -nothing can place a barrier between Prince’s music and those that, despite never once have meeting the star, were touched so greatly.

Dallas, Texas and the rest of the world has lost a legend and the world may never be the same. Rest in Peace, Prince Rogers Nelson.

Dinner and Baseball

We’ve all heard the term “starving artist” before, whether referring to a struggling musician, actor, or actual artist. What about those striving for a career in sports? A trip for lunch or dinner at Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant may open your eyes to the financial plight of young athletes.

The restaurant in Fort Worth currently has three waiters on staff that are also players on independent baseball teams. Players in the minor leagues don’t earn nearly what the top guys in Major League Baseball make. So, in the off season when there is no practice and no games, these baseball players are busy taking orders and serving orders to keep up with their bills.

Owner Joe T. Lancarte says that all three work really hard and that he and his family do what they can to help them.

Wes Aslup has played for minor league affiliates of the Atlanta Braves and the Seattle Mariners. Injuries sidelined him for a bit, and then he spent some time with the Fort Worth Cats. He has moved on to another minor league team now located in Pennsylvania.

Brandon Tierney has played on the Frotneir Greays for the last three years. Originally from Fort Worth, he will be playing for the Kansas City T-Bones this year.

Roman Gomez has both pitched and played infield for Fort Worth and Brownsville, bt he is getting set to head to play in California this season.

All three dream of making it in the big leagues, and continue to work hard to make ends meet. So next time you stop in Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant, you may just be getting your dinner from a future MLB star.