Dallas Startup Looks To Fill The Gap Left By Uber And Lyft

The ongoing battle between popular Internet based driving services and government officials across Texas has left many major areas without the services of Uber and Lyft; however, a rival driving service that was founded in Dallas, Texas is looking to step into the breach with a planned major rise in driver numbers over the course of the summer 2016.

The Dallas Morning News reports Get Me was originally established in Dallas, Texas in 2015 and expanded the services offered by its drivers beyond those normally seen with Uber and Lyft. Get Me offers delivery services for a range of products and goods ranging from household items to heavy goods, such as lumber; the services offered by Get Me have led to the company now stating it has a database of 10,000 drivers operating in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Las Vegas.

Problems have been ongoing between services offering drivers and government officials over the need for greater levels of security to keep passengers and delivery customers as safe as possible in the future. The City of Austin has introduced measures that require drivers to undergo high levels of security checks and fingerprinting before they can work within the city limits; other cities in Texas have also declared their intention to introduce higher levels of checks for drivers operating in their cities.

Get Me has stepped in to the breach in Austin where Uber and Lyft have refused to operate while the security checks remain in place, which has seen an influx of drivers over recent weeks signing up to work through Get Me. The startup believes it can introduce more than 10,000 drivers to the areas it serves over the next month. Get Me had joined with Uber and Lyft in their bid to fight the more stringent background checks being introduced across Texas and remains part of the $8 million campaign to fight changes to laws in Houston.

South Korean Dogs Intended for Dinner Table Arrive in Texas

While over two million dogs are killed in South Korea each year to supply the nation’s demand for almost 100,000 pounds of meat, six Korean dogs have arrived at their new homes with the SPCA of Texas in Dallas. The SPCA will then work to place the dogs in the near future, according to an article published via Fox 4 News.

These lucky dogs were part of 250 dogs surrendered to the Humane Society International in an agreement with the South Korean farmer who promised to never raise dogs for their meat again. Instead, the former farmer plans to start selling scrap metal. The Humane Society says that each year about 1.7 million dogs are raised in the country for their meat. The practice of actually farming dogs is unique to South Korea, although dog meat is consumed in many locations around the world. It is a practice that the Humane Society would like to put an end to globally.

The first time that dogs from South Korea were imported by the Humane Society to stop them from being dog meat was in June 2015 when 23 animals, including 12 puppies, arrived at Alexandria, Virginia. These animals seemed very thankful to feel love for the first time in their lives and were divided among many shelters who eventually found them new homes. In this case, the farmer agreed to surrender all of his dogs and to grow blueberries instead.