James Dondero’s Passive Stake in Pendrell

James Dondero has released a report that detailed an 11 pct passive stake in Pendrell. Given Dondero’s skills in the finance industry, it is safe to say that this deal will likely turn out for the best for him and his company, Highland Capital. One thing that could be said for Dondero is that his experience in the market makes it so that he knows the signs to look for. He then makes investment based on a lot of information. When it comes to Pendrell, he has made a wise choice going forward with the investment.

James Dondero is a successful investor who runs Highland Capital Management, a hedge fund that specializes in high-yield and distressed investing. His company has been in business for more than 20 years. Through his company, he has offered plenty of products such as Collateralized Loan Obligation. He has been responsible for the development of the CLO market. He also handles mutual funds, private equity funds, ETFs and plenty of other financial products. Dondero is one of the pioneers and innovators in the financial investment industry. He has utilized his skills and passion that he has gained from his education in order to bring his company to a very successful position.

To go along with the work that he does for Highland Capital, he also serves on plenty of different companies in different industries. For instance, he serves as a board member for MGM Studios, an entertainment company. He is also serving on the board and CEO of plenty of companies in the healthcare industry. James is also an active philanthropist. He provides support in plenty of different initiatives that are related to education, public policies and veteran’s affairs. James Dondero goes beyond just being a successful businessman, he is also one of the more generous givers in this age.

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Texas Mortgage Bankers Association Acquire Top Talent

Recently NexBank SSB, a $3 billion regional bank based out of Dallas Texas has announced that Mary Pirrello was appointed President of the Texas Mortage Bankers Association.

On May 3, 2016, Mary started her one-year term as President. With over 20 years of experience and multiple leadership roles, she has had a very good career. While at NexBank, she mainly focused on business development and managed relationships for the national warehouse lending division. Since 2007, Mary has been an active board and committee member of the TMBA.

The TMBA has been around since 1917 and has served their members in order to enhance, preserve and advance the mortgage banking business in Texas.

NexBank SSB is a part of the NexBank Capital Incorporation. This company works to deliver commercial banking, mortgage banking, investment banking, as well as corporate advisory services to many businesses. NexBank is a regional bank that dates all the way back to 1922. This bank is led by Chairman, James Dondero. He is also the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management.

NexBank has created an executive management team that works to combine industry expertise with a strong desire to serve all of their clients, whether they are corporate, institutional or individual customers. This bank currently has four different locations all around Dallas, Texas.

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