Dallas to Start Providing Work to the City’s Homeless

According to the Dallas Observer, the city is looking to respond to panhandling the same way that Albuquerque, New Mexico has addressed the issue for over a year now. The simple solution is to offer work to those ready to accept it. There are no ID requirements for work or any other conditions, beyond the willingness to work. The process is quite simple; a city van drives around town and offers work to the homeless and panhandlers. They can accept or decline the offer. At the end of the work day, usually five or six hours, the men and women are paid in cash. The recommended amount right currently is a little over $10 per hour.

I am sure there are reasons to critique this system but I’ll leave that to others. In my opinion, there is nothing more uplifting to a man than to put in an honest day’s work and get rewarded for it with some good old hard cash. Work provides dignity. Work provides character building. Work is paid education. When people work they learn discipline, customer service and good business practices. They learn about honesty, time management and communication. Earning an income provides the opportunity for building financial life skills such as budgeting and saving.

Another aspect of this program that I think is very well thought out is that the option is left up to those being asked. No one is forcing this program onto them. I believe that by giving the choice to work or not work, the men and women who are really looking for a life change will accept the work. The more often they work, the more likely it is that they will get past whatever life event put them on the streets. If the reports are correct, more than 100 of those who accepted the work in New Mexico over the last year have gone on to find permanent employment elsewhere. That’s 100 lives that are potentially changed forever because they were given a hand-up and not a hand-out.

The Career Achievements Of James Dondero (UPDATED for 2017)

UPDATE January 16, 2017

James Dondero just launched a new website listing all of his contributions to the local Dallas community. This includes his recent appointment to the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business Board.

“The Cox School at SMU contributes to the vibrant business community here in Dallas of which Highland is among the many beneficiaries,” said Dondero. “I am honored to assist with the numerous growth and excellence initiatives currently underway.”

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UPDATE November 29, 2016

Check out James Dondero Ringing the New York Stock Exchange Closing Bell via the video below!

UPDATE October 20, 2016

James Dondero is known as the president and co-founder of the Highland Capital management. In recent news, he awarded a $1 million grant in order to help The Family Place, which is an organization out of Dallas that leads the way in supporting victims of family violence. Not only is this grant significant on its own, the grant also matches 50% of any funds that are raised for the campaign up to $1 million. Thanks to this announcement, more than $200,000 has been raised for The Family Place and there continues to be donations every single day. The fundraising goal for The Family Place is $16.5 million but it seems to be on its way of reaching that number in no time.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/james-dondero-announces-1-million-challenge-grant-from-highland-capital-management-to-finish-the-family-places-165-million-capital-campaign-300341376.html

UPDATE October 6, 2016

Highland Capital Management and James Dondero have put up a $1 million grant to contribute to  The Family Place finishing their new facility. James went on to say that Highland Capital will pitch in 50 cents for every dollar given to the charity through April 4.

UPDATE: September 30, 2016

James Dondero invested even further in NexPoint Residential Trust. He purchased 7,600 shares of the stock and is confident in it’s future. NexPoint Residential Trust is a publicly traded, Real Estate Investment Trust, focused on the acquisition, asset management, and disposition of multifamily assets.

Source: http://www.com-unik.info/2016/09/27/nexpoint-residential-trust-inc-nxrt-coverage-initiated-at-compass-point.html

UPDATE: September 14, 2016

The Dallas Foundation recently partnered with James Dondero and Highland Capital Management to manage their over 3 million dollars annual philanthropic budget. The Dallas Foundation has a long history of charitable success in the nonprofit community. Mary Jalonick, CEO of The Dallas Foundation and James Dondero began to lay out plans for charitable giving that would be bold, effective and inspirational. Before long the Highland Dallas Foundation was formed as a support organization for The Dallas Foundation.

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UPDATE: August 25, 2016

James Dondero has recently teamed up with Linda Owen to supply philanthropic needs to the general Dallas Area.Highland contributes more than $3 million annually to charitable organizations through The Dallas Foundation. For more on this click the link below.


The success of any corporation is dependent on the stewardship abilities of the top management team. James Dondero is a successful businessman who is revered for registering impressive results in all the companies that have enlisted his services. James is regarded as the co-founder of the world-renowned firm, Highland Capital Management. He is the current president of the organization.

The Dallas based entrepreneur has amassed over 30 years experience in the equity and credit markets. He has zeroed in on distressed and high-yielding investments. Besides Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has played a pivotal role in founding NexPoint Advisors. At the firm, Dondero is the president. NexBank has also recognized his abilities and for this reason, James has been made the chairman of the institution. It should be noted that Dondero is the majority shareholder of NexBank. NexPoint Real Estate Advisors is the adviser of the companies affiliated with it. These affiliated companies are Highland Capital Management, NexBank and NexPoint Advisors.

In 1993, together with Mark Okada, James founded Highland Capital Management. As of March 31, 2015, Highland Capital Management had an asset base of $21 billion. Dondero’s portfolio management expertise incorporates investment grade corporate, emerging markets, derivative markets, mortgage-backed securities as well as common stocks and preferred stocks. Funds affiliated to James have received recognition from reputable quotas such as the Morning star and Lipper award.

Some of the award-winning products offering made by James are collateralized loan obligations, mutual funds, real estate investment trusts (REITs) as well as electronic transfer funds (ETFs), institutional separate accounts, private equity funds and hedge funds. James’s career started at the humble Morgan Guaranty training program where he worked as an analyst in mid 1984. A year later, American Express recruited him. At the firm, Dondero undertook his mandate as a corporate bond analyst. At the American Express Corporation, James rendered his services for around five years. At the corporation, Dondero managed a portfolio (fixed income funds) worth around $1 billion.

From American Express, Dondero went to Protective Life, a subsidiary of GIC. While serving as the chief investment officer of the firm, Dondero started the firm from its humble beginnings to a corporation worth over $2 billion in a period of 5 years. The certified management accountant has displayed impeccable prudence in the management of huge funds. James is a proud alumnus of the University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce. Records show that he graduated with the highest honors in Accounting and Finance.

Recently, Dondero appointed Terry Jones to become the president in charge of institutional products at Highland Capital Management. Jones has massive experience in financial matters that spans 25 years. James asserted that Terry’s leadership would augment the corporation’s risk adjusted performance besides devising client-oriented solutions. James is the chairman of the board of three corporations, which are CCS Medical, NexBank and Cornerstone healthcare.