A leading Dallas area plastic surgeon

Dallas Surgeon Dr. Rohrich Brings His Talents to Bear on Behalf of Patients

A leading Dallas area plastic surgeon

In a society where sports heroes are worshipped as gods and all manner of trash is exalted to the highest pedestals of cultural veneration, it is sometimes worth remembering those who actually make a material difference in the day-to-day lives of the country’s citizens.

One such figure is Dr. Rod Rohrich, head of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s plastic surgery department. Contrary to the popular notions some may hold of plastic surgery as being nothing more than a way for aging beauties to artificially extend their natural attributes for a few more years of shelf life, modern plastic surgery forms a crucial part of any medical center’s surgical department.

While many plastic surgeons today do attend to patients whose only concern is staving off the inevitable effects of aging on their once-youthful facades, many more are focused on restoring to a functional state those patients who have either fallen victims to grievous injury or who have been subjected to the brutal medical treatments of modern cancer therapies and have lost body parts or the associated functions thereof.

Dr. Rohrich has done much to advance the science and practice of this latter form of plastic surgery. Being one of the field’s top recognized experts in facial fracture reconstructions, rhinoplasty and bone reconstruction, Dr. Rohrich, a longtime member of the Rhinoplasty Society, has touched the lives of thousands of patients who would have certainly been otherwise fated to live an only partially fulfilling life. Dr. Rohrich has restored the confidence of many women who have endured the unfortunate consequences of double masectomies, a procedure whose brutality men can only begin to understand. Without Dr. Rohrich’s innovate and highly effective breast reconstruction surgeries, these women would have been forced to go through life with a psychological handicap perhaps worse than the physical one. Dr. Rohrich has helped these women become whole again.

His professional achievements, accolades and leadership positions are no less impressive. Dr. Rohrich has been interviewed by Dr. Oz, authored over 300 peer-reviewed papers, making him perhaps the most widely published and cited scientific author in the field of modern plastic surgery. He has also given presentations at more than 900 plastic surgery, medical and scientific conferences and has chaired 100 more.

He is currently the head of plastic surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, a position he’s held since 1991. He holds a medical degree from Baylor University and has taught surgery at the Harvard Medical School.

Follow him on Twitter at @DrRodRohrich to keep up with his latest innovations in the field.

USHEALTH, Mission, Vision and About Secure Dental Plans

It is possible to provide high-quality healthcare at a low cost to the poor. The belief is what keeps USHEALTH going. The health sector is broken, the poor people need to access good healthcare too. The principle of USHEALTH care is ‘We believe in providing high-quality healthcare to the poor at a low cost.”

USHEALTH group is determined to make a model of durable healthcare in areas where other people thought it was not possible. With licensed health and life insurance companies, USHEALTH offers coverage to policyholders for sickness and accidents. They also cover short-term accident disability, critical illness, life and dental coverage among others.

USHEALTH mission is ‘To protect our customers from financial hardships due to unforeseen illness or injury.’ Simply the group provides peace of mind to those who suffer due to the occurrence of these predicaments. They keep the promise accorded by the insurance cover the customer signed.

The vision of USHEALTH is to build premier health insurance organization in America. The group is working towards being the company of choice to all its stakeholders. This vision will be achieved through a commitment to offer excellent services and exceptional value to the customers.

Secure dental plans

USHEALTH acknowledges that everyone deserves a healthy smile. They, therefore, provide three dental offer plans.

• Plan 1. Premium plan, under this plan, the individual contributes $50 while the family contributes $150 per insured. The plan covers basic, preventive and major care to the issued. Additionally, there are orthodontic deductibles which are; $1500 orthodontic calendar year, $1000 benefit per insured lifetime maximum
• Plan 2. The savers plus plan. Under this plan, the deductibles are $50 per individual, $150 for family covers for preventive, basic and major care. Orthodontic care services are discounted to $1000 maximum per insured every calendar year,
• Plan 3. Savers plan. This plan is characterized with deductibles of $50 per individual and $150 per family cover that caters for basic, preventive and major care. The orthodontic care services under this plan are discounted at participating providers at maximum $500 per insured ever calendar year.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) calls for individuals to uphold a minimum essential coverage. The mandate was made in 2014 and beyond. Failure to honor this order, one is subjected to the payment of annual shared responsibility payment. The amount is calculated from individual’s household earnings each year. The secure dental plan offers benefits for dental services only. Workers compensation under state law is an essential health benefit. However, it is not considered minimum essential coverage under ACA. An insured under secured dental plan is subjected to ACA’s shared responsibility payment unless they have an exemption from ACA.

It is important to note that secure dental is not available in all states, customers should, therefore, enquirer first from the licensed agents for more information.

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