Current Events in the Dallas Area

Dallas is one of the largest cities in the Southwestern United States. With over one million people, There is always something interesting happening in this bustling city. Below some of the largest stories are discussed and recapped.

1. Ezekiel Elliot, Dallas Cowboys Running Back

The former Ohio State Running Back has quickly made the transition from college to NFL. Handling what is typically a tough transition with aplomb, the Cowboys appeared to be doomed after losing Tony Romo for an extended period of time once again; however, Ezekiel Elliot has kept hope for America’s team, rushing for 134 yards and two touchdowns in the first two games against division rivals the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants. Ezekiel Elliot has had his growing pains as well, struggling to hold on to the football with two fumbles. With an upcoming game against the hapless, downward spiral that are the Chicago Bears, Ezekiel Elliot is due for another star performance. Those with Elliot on their fantasy rosters should be very happy with the performance so far and excited for what’s to come.

2. Texas Live, the new Rangers theme park

For months, the entire population has been sitting on pins and needles for the details of Texas Live. The massive project will include amenities such as a concert stage, massive TV screens, and a ribbon video board. This large theme park will also host over 250 events and various projects throughout the year. Named Arlington Backyard, the project is scheduled to be completed and ready opening day of the 2018 Major League Baseball season. Without a doubt, the entire city is looking forward to seeing what this venue will have to offer!

3. Mark Cuban’s Lemonade Stand a Massive Success

Mark Cuban, the outspoken but popular owner of the Dallas Mavericks, opened a group of lemonade stands all over the city. The change jars and delicious drink raised over $10 million for various charity organizations around the city. In a time of need, Mark Cuban stepped up when his city needed hope and delivered much needed aid to some of the Dallas area’s finest community servants.

James Dondero’s Passive Stake in Pendrell

James Dondero has released a report that detailed an 11 pct passive stake in Pendrell. Given Dondero’s skills in the finance industry, it is safe to say that this deal will likely turn out for the best for him and his company, Highland Capital. One thing that could be said for Dondero is that his experience in the market makes it so that he knows the signs to look for. He then makes investment based on a lot of information. When it comes to Pendrell, he has made a wise choice going forward with the investment.

James Dondero is a successful investor who runs Highland Capital Management, a hedge fund that specializes in high-yield and distressed investing. His company has been in business for more than 20 years. Through his company, he has offered plenty of products such as Collateralized Loan Obligation. He has been responsible for the development of the CLO market. He also handles mutual funds, private equity funds, ETFs and plenty of other financial products. Dondero is one of the pioneers and innovators in the financial investment industry. He has utilized his skills and passion that he has gained from his education in order to bring his company to a very successful position.

To go along with the work that he does for Highland Capital, he also serves on plenty of different companies in different industries. For instance, he serves as a board member for MGM Studios, an entertainment company. He is also serving on the board and CEO of plenty of companies in the healthcare industry. James is also an active philanthropist. He provides support in plenty of different initiatives that are related to education, public policies and veteran’s affairs. James Dondero goes beyond just being a successful businessman, he is also one of the more generous givers in this age.

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Highland Capital Management’s James Dondero Chooses Linda Owen as New Charitable Giving Manager

Highland Capital Management, L.P., an asset management and strategic investment firm based in Dallas, has hired Linda Owen to direct its charitable giving wing and give direction to its philanthropic activities. Highland founder James Dondero personally hired Owen to oversee the company’s burgeoning charitable activity sector, in large part because he recognized her history of success in creating viable public-private partnerships in the Dallas area.

The hire comes at an important time for Highland Capital Management: as its global status as a trusted alternative credit manager grows, the firm finds itself expanding its charitable activities tremendously in the Dallas region. Already, Highland contributes about $3 million annually to various local organizations, notably the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Dallas Zoo, and the Center for Brain Health. It is also heavily involved in causes such as Uplift Education and Snowball Express, and contributes large sums each year to the American Heart Association.

Linda Owen, who began her career at Wald, Harkrader & Ross after completing her both her bachelor’s and law degrees at the University of Texas in Austin, appears to be the perfect person to manage this array of charitable responsibilities. She has served as President and CEO at the Real Estate Council, where she oversaw the Dallas-Fort Worth real estate association’s non-profit activities, and at Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, where she lead the charge for the construction of Kylde Warren Park. Owen has been involved with philanthropic organizations across Dallas and the state of Texas for her whole career, and her ambitions line up nicely with Highland’s stated operational goals.

James Dondero, who initiated contact with Owen and completed the hire, has long been a fixture on the Dallas business and philanthropy scenes. As one of the founders of Highland Capital Management, along with current colleague Mark Okada, Dondero is one of the world’s leading asset managers. With over $17 billion in current asset holdings, Highland has emerged as a global expert in matters of credit strategy, hedge fund analysis, private equity management and collateralized loan obligations. Highland also specializes in alternative investment strategies, and has delved into emerging market and natural resource investment classes in recent years.

Dondero founded the company with his partner in 1992, and since that time they have grown into a multinational business with offices in North America, South America and Asia. The services that Highland provides to its array of clients are invaluable and contribute to the thriving business scene in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Even with the hiring of Linda Owen, it is unlikely that James will scale down his involvement in Highland’s charitable activities. He continues to sit on various boards and engage with local civic leaders in pursuit of the effective philanthropic approach that seems to elude so many successful businessmen. One thing is for certain: Dondero and Owen will form a powerful and energetic charitable team in the present day and for a long time to come.

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Texas A&M Students Get Chance to Design New Mavericks Stadium

Bryan Trueby, the official designer of the new Mavericks stadium, who has also worked on the Dallas Cowboy’s AT&T Stadium, among other projects is giving a select group of Texas A&M students a rare opportunity. These students are getting the chance to propose and submit a new design for the new Mavericks stadium. While it is unlikely that any of these students will have their actual designs realized, giving them a chance to submit and propose a design for a real project is an opportunity that most of these students will not have until they graduate.

The students are part of an architecture class at Texas A&M university, that Bryan Trueby is helping go over some of the proposed ideas for the new stadium. These students also have the opportunity to work in groups and have their proposals examined by the architecture firm working on the project. The feedback the students get will give them a better understanding of what kinds of ideas that real life architecture firms look for. After the project is over the students will have a much better idea of what is like to work in the real world and compete with other architects on project proposals.

This real world practical application is one of the things that set Texas A&M’s architecture program apart from other programs. Hands on, real world based learning helps students get ahead in life and a leg up over their peers. Many students come out of college programs with plenty of knowledge about the history and theory behind the field they are planning on going into, but have little experience or practical knowledge of how the field they want to work in actually works. This kind of education that provides students with the practical knowledge they need along with the theory and history that gives them the knowledge to succeed in the field is how students get ahead in a competitive field.

Being able to work with real architects on such a prestigious project, such as the office and practice complex that is being devolved for the Mavericks, is a once in a life time opportunity and something that these young students will remember fondly for years to come. It is also a great way for them to get excited about their future careers and look forward to what opportunities their degree program offers for them.

Dallas Zoo ReOpens Monorail

The Dallas Zoo is a place where families and children can go to get a close up view of wildlife. Although for about two years sections of the zoo have not been available for public viewing. That is because the animals in those exhibits could only be seen from the monorail that runs through those areas. That monorail has been out of commission for about two years and so the animals there have been unseen.

After two years of work and about 3 million dollars, the monorail opened back up and is working better than ever. Excited zoo goers were willing to wait in a long line to get a chance to ride the re-vamped train that runs through lush areas of the zoo. The ability to see the animals that live in these unwalkable regions of the zoo were also another reason why lines did not matter to many.

The monorail has taken on a whole new look and has some amenities that will make it quite popular in the hot summer months. One such amenity is air conditioning. It is felt that this will make the monorail a big hit during the summer. The tickets to use the monorail are $5 and this will also help to make money to maintain the rail and provide other repairs for the zoo overall.

The people who were at the zoo today when the rails opened up gave a resounding round of applause when the first ride started. As the train entered the station after the ride another round of applause was offered.

Zoo officials did state that the turnout for the monorail was more than they had hoped for and expected. They hope that visitors will continue to strive to ride the rails and see the animals that live along the ride tracks. This opening day saw many new visitors and enough traffic that the overflow parking lot had to be opened shortly after the zoo opened.

Some were concerned about the functionality of the ride for electrical issues had caused the need for rescues from the train a year back. The zoo assures that there is an all new electrical system for the ride and that it is safe.