Dinner and Baseball

We’ve all heard the term “starving artist” before, whether referring to a struggling musician, actor, or actual artist. What about those striving for a career in sports? A trip for lunch or dinner at Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant may open your eyes to the financial plight of young athletes.

The restaurant in Fort Worth currently has three waiters on staff that are also players on independent baseball teams. Players in the minor leagues don’t earn nearly what the top guys in Major League Baseball make. So, in the off season when there is no practice and no games, these baseball players are busy taking orders and serving orders to keep up with their bills.

Owner Joe T. Lancarte says that all three work really hard and that he and his family do what they can to help them.

Wes Aslup has played for minor league affiliates of the Atlanta Braves and the Seattle Mariners. Injuries sidelined him for a bit, and then he spent some time with the Fort Worth Cats. He has moved on to another minor league team now located in Pennsylvania.

Brandon Tierney has played on the Frotneir Greays for the last three years. Originally from Fort Worth, he will be playing for the Kansas City T-Bones this year.

Roman Gomez has both pitched and played infield for Fort Worth and Brownsville, bt he is getting set to head to play in California this season.

All three dream of making it in the big leagues, and continue to work hard to make ends meet. So next time you stop in Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant, you may just be getting your dinner from a future MLB star.

Fun New Foods At Rangers Games

With spring here, we’re all excited to travel around Dallas, Texas, and seeing the Rangers is usually a good reason to take time off on the weekend. The excitement of being in the stands to watch baseball is usually enough to get most fans pumped about visiting the stadium. However, concessions staff will be cooking up something new this season to help draw people to the big games. Everyone who goes to see a game is always talking about the new foods that are offered during Rangers games. Fans have seen two foot long hot dogs and two foot long fried brownies in the past. This year’s new concessions might put the Rangers games at the top of the list of fun things to do in the summer.

Guide Live recently put out an article about the new eats at Rangers games. This article goes in deep about what types of new and fun foods fans of the Rangers can be excited to see this year. The year, the big new food item at the concessions stands is called a Wicked Pig. It is everything that pork lovers have wanted for so long. The Wicked Pig contains several different types of pork products. It has ham, and it has bacon. It is loaded with the sauces that pork lover like, and it has an extra bun in the middle to make it all worth the while.

The general manager spoke about the new types of healthy alternatives that the stadium will offer in the Guide Live article. The GM told the reporter that there will be black bean burgers, vegan nachos and other exciting options for health food loving Rangers fans. This is a great idea because vegans and vegetarians are always looking for things that meat their dietary restrictions, so it is good to see that the Rangers are keeping up with the new trend in healthy living. They are even offering a salad called Shake It Up. The fans that choose this salad get to eat it on the go!