Highland Capital Management Helps the Community

People helping others is just the most important thing that happens on planet Earth, no matter what form it takes or where it happens. An excellent example of this truth is the George W. Bush Presidential Center and Institution (of the same name) receiving generous support and continued assistance for its endeavors from Highland Capital Management and other businesses.

Perhaps, the best part about the funding and support raised toward this institution is where the help goes to and how it changes the local community. The details are simple, sweet and easy to explain. However, the end results and fruits the yielded are definitely significant. As for its contributions, Highland Capital Management is gifting the center with 10 million dollars to continue the work done through the program Engage at Bush Center.

But, it’s not alone in this endeavor, as the Boeing Corp also gives a sizable amount of money. It’s actually the same amount of money resulting in 10 million dollars. However, the purpose for the Boeing Corp donation is to assist post 9/11 veterans. This is through the Military Service Initiative offered at the center. Jim Dondero and Highland Capital Management have been with the George W. Bush Presidential Center since its beginning and is a founding benefactor.

Dondero is very vocal and clear about his excitement and support of the programs and initiatives that the center offers and continues to pledge his eternal loyalty to this establishment. It’s just very good for the local community and there are more than just programs and initiatives for veterans that go on in the learning half of the campus. For example, there are Q and A’s with the son of late supreme justice Scalia and think tanks over constitutional law. It’s all about supporting veterans, especially combat veterans, and the families that love them and rely on their support.

It is this precise reason why Boeing is continually putting funds into the George W. Bush Presidential Center to help veterans readjust to a life outside of the combat field. They are also committed to hiring highly trained professionals who understand the detail-oriented demands of the Aerospace industry. This is why Boeing is deeply entrenched in the George W. Bush Presidential Center and Institute. So, Boeing puts their money where their mouth is, with 15 million dollars in grants for programs that focus on everything from mathematics to technology and the aerospace industry. But, the help does not stop there as these funds also go towards civic institutions and the improvement of communities in general.

NexBank Approaching 100 Years in Business

NexBank founded in 1922 just before the Great Depression located its first offices in Dallas, Texas. Texas in the 1920’s was enjoying a great economic climate based on the production of crude oil in oil fields throughout the state. It was a perfect time to open a banking business and the early profitable years of its development shielded it from the Wall Street crisis of 1929. Today NexBank provides a complete range of banking services including investment banking, corporate advisory services, checking and savings accounts, mortgages, mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing, land advisory, loan servicing, and general financial advice to individual investors and corporations.

NexBank, formerly known as Heritage Bank, has John L. Holt Jr. as its CEO, President and Chairman of the Board. Information about the bank can be had at its website, Dierk Hohman was recently appointed as Executive Vice President and the general counsel for NexBank Capital, Inc. and NexBank SSB. Hohman brings a resume of knowledge inside the banking and financial worlds. His comprehension and understanding of compliance factors and the extensive regulations involving banking and investing in America are a tremendous asset for NexBank. Hohman has ably served at various banks, law firms and other financial services companies, including Bank of America, GE Capital, HBK Capital Management and White & Case LLP.
The banking industry in the United States of America seems to be in constant turmoil. Banks are being bought out, merged and acquired much in the same way start-up businesses that have a productive but short record are acquired by larger allied businesses. When a former President said, “The business of America is business.” He was talking about this game of monopoly taking place in American businesses. If it continues any longer, all businesses will be a small part of one giant megalithic corporation. In years past, businesses were founded on good ideas and even better products, and the success of any business was determined within the first few years of its beginning. Now financing in the $ millions is based on someone’s good idea of an unproven product or service. In some cases, the business developer may sell his business or let it be acquired, and he will have gained a lifetime worth of income for only his single idea.
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