Dallas Zoo ReOpens Monorail

The Dallas Zoo is a place where families and children can go to get a close up view of wildlife. Although for about two years sections of the zoo have not been available for public viewing. That is because the animals in those exhibits could only be seen from the monorail that runs through those areas. That monorail has been out of commission for about two years and so the animals there have been unseen.

After two years of work and about 3 million dollars, the monorail opened back up and is working better than ever. Excited zoo goers were willing to wait in a long line to get a chance to ride the re-vamped train that runs through lush areas of the zoo. The ability to see the animals that live in these unwalkable regions of the zoo were also another reason why lines did not matter to many.

The monorail has taken on a whole new look and has some amenities that will make it quite popular in the hot summer months. One such amenity is air conditioning. It is felt that this will make the monorail a big hit during the summer. The tickets to use the monorail are $5 and this will also help to make money to maintain the rail and provide other repairs for the zoo overall.

The people who were at the zoo today when the rails opened up gave a resounding round of applause when the first ride started. As the train entered the station after the ride another round of applause was offered.

Zoo officials did state that the turnout for the monorail was more than they had hoped for and expected. They hope that visitors will continue to strive to ride the rails and see the animals that live along the ride tracks. This opening day saw many new visitors and enough traffic that the overflow parking lot had to be opened shortly after the zoo opened.

Some were concerned about the functionality of the ride for electrical issues had caused the need for rescues from the train a year back. The zoo assures that there is an all new electrical system for the ride and that it is safe.