Ezekiel Elliott Fumbles Becoming a Concern in Dallas

Running back Ezekiel Elliott has shown a propensity towards fumbling in his first two games as running back for the Dallas Cowboys. Elliot was pulled from the victory over the Washington Redskins late in the 4th quarter after fumbling twice, one which was lost and one that was recovered.

The owner of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, has indicated that this propensity for fumbling won’t impact his playing time or the number of carries that he will have over the remainder of the season.

Elliott was the first round pick of the Cowboys and 4th overall in the 2016 NFL draft. Many are worried that he is a bust as his yards and running average has not been high. In week 1 Elliott struggled against the Giants’ rebuilt defensive line despite scoring one touchdown. This season, Ezekiel has only a 3.3 yards per carry average which is well below that standard four yards a carry that most teams with a powerful running game is expected to have.

After losing Quarterback Tony Romo to an back injury in the preseason the Cowboys were hoping to lean on their running game behind their premier offensive line unit. Instead they have been relying on their rookie backup quarterback Dak Prescott to push the team forward. While Dak has looked good so far and has shown himself to be up to the task,the Cowboys are hoping to have a more balanced attack in the coming weeks to take the pressure off a rookie quarterback.

Jerry Jones mentioned his comments supporting Ezekiel during a radio call on 105.3 On Thursday, indicating that his technique for carrying the ball is solid and indicating that fumbles do happen in the NFL and that a mini streak in fumbles doesn’t yet indicate that there will be a future run of fumbles.

Meanwhile, offensive line coach Scott Linehan indicated That the early fumbles are a fire that needs to be put out at the earliest moment. Scott indicated that team is trying to put a focus on carrying the ball better to reduce future fumbles over the course of the season.