North Texas Giving Day Helps Area Charities

This Thursday, on September 22nd, a major fundraising day for local charities in North Texas will take place. The event is known as North Texas giving day. It was created in 2009 by a group called the Communities Foundation of Texas. The organization is based in Dallas, Texas and has a 63 year old history of helping Texas charities.

Here are some figures to give you an idea of how much money and how many people benefit from North Texas giving day. In its inaugural year the event raised a total of four million dollars. A total of 6,500 donations were made that year and 345 charities benefited. 2010, saw five million dollars raised from 7,900 charitable donations. Over 456 local charities benefited.

In 2011, there was a big increase in the amount of money raised. 10.7 million dollars was raised that year. The number of donations was about 13.5 thousand and 616 non profits were the recipients of the funds. 2012, once again saw the number of funds raised increase to $14.4 million dollars. The number of gifts almost tripled at 37.8 thousand in total. That year 927 not for profit organizations benefited.

North Texas Giving Day continues to raise more and more money with each successive year. The number of gifts and the number of beneficiaries also continues to rise. In 2015, there was over 2,022 charities that benefited from the event somehow. A total of $33 million dollars was raised last year. That number is only for a single day. It seems that Texans love to support their local non profits and charities.

The charitable day of giving begins on 6 A.M and ends on midnight on Thursday. There will be events hold throughout North Texas. You will find donation stations where you can make a contribution to over a thousand different charities. Some of the places where you will find activities and entertainment include Forth Worth, Dallas, McKinney and Arlington. Expect to see live shows and music concerts. Think you might end up hungry? There will be plenty of food trucks to satisfy your appetite with BBQ and ethnic cuisine.