Slim Chicken Franchise Spreading Across Texas

The Dallas area is in for a special treat as one of the best chicken sandwich food chains is opening up more locations. Many citizens of Dallas have been complaining that there is only one Slim Chickens open. That location is in Fort Worth.

The Arkansas-based food chain has been well known for its fresh chicken products. People of all ages love them. Some travel from out-of-state to try the chicken.

This year, the food chain is making up for all the time without more Slim Chickens open by rolling out nearly a dozen more locations in Texas in the near future. There will be at least six open this year and two more early next year. Now customers won’t have to drive nearly as far to get some of that good chicken.

The planned growth is about to pass many other regions around the United States. Slim Chickens is famous for its chicken tenders, chicken sandwich, salads, and the very popular chicken and waffles. Chicken and waffles has seemed to grab lots of attention around the United States. Many states have several chains that serve the famous chicken and waffles dish. Americans love the combination.

The environment that the Slim Chickens are running on is a southern feeling, soothing blues feel, and fresh chicken and sauce to keep the customers happy and wanting more. It is hard to find fresh chicken like the ones Slim Chicken provides.

All ingredients are fresh and made to order. Customers can choose from healthier salads, fried chicken, or grilled chicken. The lettuce used on the sandwich is fresh and of great quality. The buns are new and not moldy or hard. Chewy, warm bread makes the best combination with warm chicken.

The franchise should continue to grow year after year opening up more locations in Texas and possibly more around other parts of the United States. The southern states would love this establishment. As of right now cities such as Plano, Frisco, Irving, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Hurst are all places that are guaranteed to host a Slim Chicken. Other surrounding cities should see an establishment open up soon.

Source: Slim Chicken in Dallas