Texas A&M Students Get Chance to Design New Mavericks Stadium

Bryan Trueby, the official designer of the new Mavericks stadium, who has also worked on the Dallas Cowboy’s AT&T Stadium, among other projects is giving a select group of Texas A&M students a rare opportunity. These students are getting the chance to propose and submit a new design for the new Mavericks stadium. While it is unlikely that any of these students will have their actual designs realized, giving them a chance to submit and propose a design for a real project is an opportunity that most of these students will not have until they graduate.

The students are part of an architecture class at Texas A&M university, that Bryan Trueby is helping go over some of the proposed ideas for the new stadium. These students also have the opportunity to work in groups and have their proposals examined by the architecture firm working on the project. The feedback the students get will give them a better understanding of what kinds of ideas that real life architecture firms look for. After the project is over the students will have a much better idea of what is like to work in the real world and compete with other architects on project proposals.

This real world practical application is one of the things that set Texas A&M’s architecture program apart from other programs. Hands on, real world based learning helps students get ahead in life and a leg up over their peers. Many students come out of college programs with plenty of knowledge about the history and theory behind the field they are planning on going into, but have little experience or practical knowledge of how the field they want to work in actually works. This kind of education that provides students with the practical knowledge they need along with the theory and history that gives them the knowledge to succeed in the field is how students get ahead in a competitive field.

Being able to work with real architects on such a prestigious project, such as the office and practice complex that is being devolved for the Mavericks, is a once in a life time opportunity and something that these young students will remember fondly for years to come. It is also a great way for them to get excited about their future careers and look forward to what opportunities their degree program offers for them.